Making the Writers' Room Accessible

In the Cut is frequently asked to recommend BIPOC support staff for writer’s rooms, but most employers request that applicants have “previous experience.” We understand the reluctance to hire inexperienced people—it can take time to train others and the entertainment industry is extremely fast-paced. But it’s impossible to champion diversity without also committing to train those that have historically lacked access to opportunity.

In order to bridge the gap, ITC created a free video course to train people for the following positions: writer’s PA, writer’s assistant, and showrunner’s assistant. Instructors have worked as assistants on shows such as BRIDGERTON and THE WITCHER (Netflix), FAIRFAX (Amazon Prime) and more. The database is easily accessible to any potential employer looking to hire at no charge. To learn more about ITC and our programming, check out our website.

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The Instructors

Rae Benjamin

Co-Producer, The Witcher (Netflix) Writer’s Assistant, Bridgerton (Netflix)

Troy Dangerfield

Story Editor, The Witcher (Netflix), Writer’s PA (Castle, ABC)

Tasha Armstead

Executive Assistant Fairfax (Amazon Prime)